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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acrylic?    Acrylic is a useful, clear plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways. It's 50% lighter than glass, has a greater transparency rate and of paramount importance to us is; it can be easly cut with a laser, I am not able to laser cut glass, Acrylic is tuffer than glass, but might still break, if dropped on a hard surface, but it will not shatter like glass, so it is safer to use and hardier to transport

Can I get a larger size Key?    I just make the one size. My concern is to get the keys delivered in a timely fashion in New Zealand and Australia without getting damaged in the mail. To that extent I use specially made packaging. I do not have suitable packaging for different sizes. 

Can I get extra engraving?    Yes you can. Name and Date of Birth engraving is free, any additional engraving by negotiation.

Where about on the key, does the free engraving go?    It fits in the space, between the base and the bottom of the key. Should you require a change of position, an extra cost may incur.

Is the Engraving Coloured? Or can I have my engraving coloured?    The Free Engraving is normally a distinct Silver/white finish on the clear area of the key, If you wanted it coloured it will most likely cost you more

Can I get a key by this Friday/Saturday?     I often get asked this, sometimes quite late in the week. With the large range of keys and colour options I have, I just make to order. However I do usually have some keys on hand ready to go, (Not all designs or colours) just ask me. (Saturday delivery will cost an additional $4.90)

Can People write on the back?    "Yes you can if you want to, it is your key." I would say however "not a great idea" as the keys are primarily designed as theme keys and to that extent you would most likely damage and ruin the appearance of the key, by using marker pens that may react with the colours used, and show through. I can however make a "rectangle backing piece, that the key would be mounted on. This is made from MDF and has the facing side coloured to compliment the keys colour theme. There would be plenty of room for messages and I think it could also enhance the key. Cost is an additional $25.    Click here to see examples

Is the key made of wood, or can I get mine made of wood or metal?      No, I only make keys from Acrylic.

How do I order a Key?     Just send me an e-mail. For NZ  nzinfo@21stkeys.co.nz or Australia ausinfo@21stkeys.co.nz  (Click on your location) I will reply with Internet banking details.

 Do you accept credit cards for payment?     No. just internet or personal banking payment thank you.


I have a policy of continuous improvement with my designs and reserve the right to change any product for the better without consultation 

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