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Mail cost options and payment information   

Payment only by Internet or Personal Banking is available in New Zealand nzinfo@21stkeys.co.nz or Australia ausinfo@21stkeys.co.nz  (Click on your location to e-mail for details)

Mail options:     New Zealand 

$10  Packaging and NZ CourierPost.

RD address is an additional $3.70 (cost imposed by NZ Post)

(*Target delivery next day. A key sent to a RD address may take 2-3 days)

For a Saturday delivery an additional $4.90 is required to cover an additional cost imposed by NZ CourierPost   

Mail options:     Australia

$12  Packaging and International Air Postal Services  (*Target delivery 3 to 6 working days) Please note: No tracking number available, I except no responsibility for lost parcels with this option

$30 Packaging and International Economy Courier (*Target delivery 2 to 6 working days)

$48 Packaging and International Express Courier (*Target delivery 1 to 5 working days)

*Target delivery times quoted from NZ Post website, Please note: I do my utmost to ensure speedy completion of key and safe packaging. After parcel is dispatched the responsibility for timely and safe delivery becomes that of the Courier and Postal Services. Loss or damage of parcels covered by NZ Post terms and conditions

Please add your Mail option $ cost, to chosen Key $ cost to give you your Total $ cost

I have a policy of continuous improvement with my designs and reserve the right to change any product for the better without consultation


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