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Security Marking of Marine Electronics

Laser engraving a name and phone number, can quickly identify products and make theft much less likely. Boat owners can make their fish-finder or marine radio a one-of-a-kind with a custom engraving. Try denying that a fish-finder with someone else's name wasn't stolen. It won't stop electronics theft, but it makes it much more difficult to get away with!


Laptop Customising



Customising Laptops

A customised laptop is more likely to deter thieves from taking your computer, and will increase the chances of getting your laptop back should it be stolen.




Cell Phone





Security Marking of Cell Phones, Camera's, iPod's and Mp3's

Personalising your cell phone with your name and home phone number, will ensure that if your phone is lost or stolen. you will have a better opportunity of getting it back. Stolen phones can have the Simm card swapped, but the phone will still bear your conspicuous permanent details, making the phone unsalable.

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