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Unique Custom 21st Key Design Request

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Many of the Keys displayed on this website, have been made as a direct result of customer input. Sometimes I am able to fulfil a request other times, not.

Several factors will determine feasibility and cost of a custom designed key.

Custom Designed 21st Bithday Key

Customers timeframe for delivery. I.E. Will I be able to achieve designing, making and delivery on time.

Complexity of request. Generally the more complex a key, the more you can expect to pay for it

Another factor to consider is, will this be just a one off sale, as the request has perhaps been narrowly focused and is not a marketable idea. The cost would be greater in this case.

If a design cost can be spread over future sales, as it is a marketable design, then the cost will be less.

Not all requests have been practical to me, and I reserve the right to decline if I feel what is being asked is unattainable.  

If the request is possible, I will then look forward to working with you in achieving what you want.

An estimate of cost will be given and I may possibly request a non-refundable *$50 deposit before I undertake any work. This is a buffer against potential tyre kickers (experience has been a hard school). * This deposit will be credited against the cost of a completed key

Custom keys generally, take a lot longer to make than standard keys. Please bear this in mind when requesting

Please Note: Any birthday keys that are priced on the website are displayed as standard keys.

Custom design keys, will be costed on an individual basis and as such, you will be charged a premium for this service, this will be a reflection of my time and costs involved in producing your desired key

For information only: Custom Key costs to date, have been between $120 - $240

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